Beh ťa zmení

Beh ťa zmení is the first Slovak book about Slovak runners and their life and running stories.

Get inspired and learn how '' the skyless '' can be worked out by running around towns and Slovak hills to the top rungs of the world's cross-country events.

In the book by Angelika Kutišová you will find 7 life stories, through which you will get to know the beginnings and courses of 7 runners, as well as interesting and important cross-country events.

Here you will find cross-sections of the lives of our 3 great marathons, nowadays extremely active retirement runners, with over a thousand marathons together.

... and one bonus story about the first successful cross-country expedition around Mount Blanc, which has 303 km and over 26 000 m elevation.

And you will get to know STEFANIK TRAIL and the right running technique.

Directly at the event you will be able to sign and book with dedication from the author.