Ružinovský kolotoč 2020

Sports - benefit event


Telephone: +421 903 128 615



Ostredky Park

Bratislava, m.č. Ružinov

Date of the event:

12th September 2020

Entry fee:

12€ and half of it will go to the APPA Civic Association and the other half will be used to organize the event.

Main race track and surface:

Surface: Asphalt

Track: The circuit is 1.1 km away

Time measurement and results:

Electronic timekeeping is provided by SunBell s.r.o. - The results will be continuously published on the website

Registration of participants:

Registration is possible through our timekeeper.

Payment can be made by bank transfer.

Registration is also possible on the spot on the day of the race, but no later than 9:30.

Start number:

Every competitor is obliged to have the starting number on his chest (or belt) attached so that it is visible and must not be overlaid. Without the start number on your chest (or waist), your time may not be recorded. The starting number is the property of the organizer. The starting numbers are not transferable to another team without the organizer's consent. A competitor who will start with a starting number assigned to another competitor / team in the start list will be disqualified.

Back of the start number:

On the back of the start number you have the possibility to fill in health data about you. This data will be used by the organizer only in the event of a medical complication of the competitor and subsequent treatment by the medical and emergency services. In case of your interest, please fill in the submitted data with your current health problem, illness, allergy, contact person, or other important information that can help us if you are during or after the event. medical assistance will be provided after the run.

Presentation of participants:

The presentation can be made on the day of the race from 8:00 to 9:30 - Restaurant Planetka.



M39 - up to 39 years

M40 - 40 to 49 years

M50 + - over 50 years


Z39 - to 39

Z40 - 40 to 49 years

Z50 - over 50 years

Children and young people under 15:

3-4 - 200m

5-6 - 400m

7-8 - 600m

9-10 - 1100m

11-12 - 1100m


Sprint category (1.1 km fastest circuit)



Race profile - running:

Ružinovský kolotoč is a sports - benefit event.